ChromeOS Flex auto start linux virtual machine for startup

Another Product Expert pointed out to me that I totally overlooked the main intent of your post, the part about starting a Linux script when ChromeOS started, I instead focused on starting a script in the container. So I only answered part of your question, sorry.   
We have an aphorism we like to use when dealing with questions in the forum:   
'Read all the words.'   

I definitely did not follow through on that one. 😁  

Unfortunately, without being in Developer mode you cannot programmatically start the Linux VM & container. 
However, you may be able to 'trick' it into starting when you sign-in by having a specific URL set in the browser 'On Startup' section (chrome://settings/onStartup) with either 'Continue where you left off' or 'Open a specific page or set of pages'.   
The URL that needs to be opened when you sign-in is:    

When that URL is opened it will trigger starting both the Linux VM & container.
I use that method myself and it has worked for me. please let us know if it works for your scenario.

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