Alibaba released Tengine-2.3.0

A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features


Backward incompatible changes

Note that this version is slightly not backwards compatible, some tengine features have been replaced by nginx. Check the following list:

  1. Deprecated Tengine slice module, --with-http_slice_module configure option now works for nginx slice module. Use --add-module=modules/ngx_http_slice_module for original tengine slice module.
  2. Removed Tengine DSO feature, use nginx dynamic modules feature instead.
  3. Removed reuse_port directive in event {} block, use listen .. reuseport; directive instead.
  4. Put all Tengine's modules to the modules directory. Use --add-module=modules/<tengine_module_name>to compile.
  5. Changed Tengine reqstatus feature. The request counting logic for limit_req is consistent with the Nginx official. Now requests with all empty variable in limit_req_zone are not accounted. Original tengine does not account requests with any empty variable.

Changes with Tengine 2.3.0

Changes with Tengine 2.3.0                                         25 MAR 2019    *) Feature: added proxy_connect module support for the CONNECT       HTTP method. (chobits)    *) Feature: added server_name directive for Stream module. (mrpre)    *) Feature: added req_status_lazy directive for reqstat module. (taoyuanyuan)    *) Feature: added http2 directive to enable or disable http2       in the server block. (jinjiu)    *) Feature: added $ssl_handshake_time variable used for monitoring       SSL handshake time. (jinjiu)    *) Feature: added support of variable of limit_req_zone       parameter rate. (Alaaask)    *) Change: updated debug_pool module for Nginx 1.15.9. (chobits)    *) Change: updated documents for reuse_port, dso, limit_req       directive changes. (chobits, wangfakang)    *) Change: merged the official limit_req logic. Now will ignore statistics       when all variable values are empty. (chobits)    *) Change: the reuse_port, dso, slice directive has been removed and       use the official features of Nginx. (wangfakang)    *) Change: updated and modify the official 1.15.9 test cases.       (chobits, wangfakang)    *) Change: put all Tengine's modules into the modules directory       which reduces the intrusion of Nginx's core module. (chobits, wangfakang)    *) Change: updated the code from Nginx-1.15.9 version,       Stream, gRPC etc. (chobits, wangfakang)    *) Change: updated the Lua module to v0.10.14rc4. (wangfakang)    *) Change: updated the dyups document. (lf1029698952)    *) Change: changes of the core code are all guarded by macros.       (chobits, wangfakang, fankeke, hongxiaolong, imkeeper)    *) Change: rollback  accpte_filter feature. (wangfakang)    *) Bugfix: fixed compilation error of dyups module compiled       with a higher version of OpenSSL. (wangfakang)    *) Bugfix: fixed init_number initialization for dyups. (FengXingYuXin)    *) Bugfix: fixed the rollback log process that may cause logs       to be written to a rolled-up file when reloaded. (MengqiWu)    *) Bugfix: fixed coredump of referring null pointer       for ssl_verify_client_exception. (chobits)    *) Bugfix: fixed coredump caused by upgrading core code       in dyups and session_sticky modules. (wangfakang)    *) Bugfix: fixed compilation error of limit_req, http2 module. (hongxiaolong)    *) Bugfix: fixed removes the Unix domain socket file       when pipe proc close listen socket. (wangfakang)    *) Bugfix: fixed compatibility for --with-openssl       and --with-openssl-async. (mrpre)    *) Bugfix: fixed bug that function ngx_http_top_intput_body_filter       is removed mistakenly. (chobits)    *) Bugfix: fixed reuse_port and accept_mutex conflict. (innomentats)    *) Bugfix: fixed tengine build failure when compiled with       gcc7 compiler. (wangfakang)


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