Java SE 13 Platform JSR 388

This is the primary web page for JSR 388, the Platform JSR for Java SE 13.

The original JSR submission may be found on the official JCP page.

Expert Group

  • Simon Ritter (Azul Systems)
  • Tim Ellison (IBM)
  • Volker Simonis (SAP SE)
  • Iris Clark (Oracle)
  • Brian Goetz (Oracle)


2018/12Expert Group formation
2019/06 - 2019/08Public Review
2019/09Final Release

Draft releases of the Specification and Reference Implementation may be regularly accessed from the links provided below.

Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists:

  • java-se-spec-experts is the Expert Group (EG) list. Only EG members may subscribe and post to this list, but the archives are public.

  • java-se-spec-observers is for those who wish to monitor and, perhaps, discuss the EG's progress. Messages sent to the primary EG list are automatically forwarded to this list. Anyone may subscribe to this list, and any subscriber may post. EG members are under no obligation to follow the traffic on this list.

  • java-se-spec-comments is for sending comments, suggestions, and other feedback directly to the EG. Only EG members may subscribe to this list, but anyone may post, although posts are moderated in order to prevent spam. The archives are public. The EG will read all messages sent to this list.


  • JEP Dashboard lists all JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) for this release which change the Platform Specification. They have a Scope of \"SE\". JEPs in the first filter (blue title bar) corresponding to Status of \"propose to target\", \"targeted\", \"integrated\", \"complete\", or \"closed/delivered\" are expected in this release.
  • CSR Dashboard lists all Compatibility & Specification Review (CSR) requests for this release which affect this Specification (Scope = \"SE\"). CSRs in the first two filters (Status of \"proposed\", \"finalized\", \"pended\", or \"provisional\") may be in this release. The third filter (green title bar) containing CSRs with Status of \"closed/approved\" are expected. Status descriptions may be found on the Fields of a CSR page.
  • Latest Specification references the latest working version of the Platform Specification.
  • Latest JavaDoc API and Diffs contains references to the JavaDoc API from the most recent build. Diffs from the most recent build and from JSR 386 (Java SE 12) will be provided.
  • Latest Early-Access Build references the weekly promoted build of the OpenJDK source which will become the Reference Implementation.
  • Issues describes open and resolved EG concerns.

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