JDK 12 is now in Rampdown Phase One

According to the mail list

[email protected]
2018-12-14 02:00 GMT+8

Per the JDK 12 schedule [1], we are now in Rampdown Phase One.

The overall feature set is frozen. No further JEPs will be targeted to
this release.

We’ve forked the main-line source repository, jdk/jdk, to the jdk/jdk12
stabilization repository. Any changes pushed to jdk/jdk or jdk/client
are now bound for JDK 13, as noted previously [2].

The stabilization repository is open for select bug fixes and, with
approval, late enhancements per JEP 3, the JDK Release Process [3].
If you’re responsible for any of the bugs on the RDP 1 candidate-bug
list [3] then please see JEP 3 for guidance on how to handle them.

- Mark

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