Initialize development of

Long time ago. i mean 2004,  I am a student.

The first time i learn html , css. 

I made a small chat room programming.

Later in 2007, I made a small chat program, called zvchat.

Very simple but useful chat room .

Then in 2009, i made my php blog software(before this php version , i even made a asp version), It named topcms

And in 2012, I made a note (alternative evernote)

And in 2014, I begin to develop my current blog

And in 2015, I try to develop bbs software

And in 2016, I try to develop daylove, a small dairy software

Today, i would like to share you , I am open a new project


A new Writer/Publisher/Reader platform. user can easy share their mind to each other.

We will provide API , so you can feel free to import , export your data any time , any way.

We support Most OAuth2.0 platform, so you can feel free to register and login .

We integrade CloudStorage , CloudHosting, Your database, almost every things. 

Here is the open development repository:


And we would like to provided a open community. to develop, to collabrate , to share our expirence .


Feel free to join us


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