gpg sign git commit, for linux and windows

For linux user and windows user, you can using gpg sign your git commit .


If you were using windows, you may download gpg4win

It contains very useful client kleopatra


I am  using archlinux, so i can ran yaourt -S kleopatra



The example git config looks like

$cat ~/.gitconfig

	name = huzhifeng
	email = [email protected]
	signingKey = 4AB75B
    default = simple
    editor = vim	
	filemode = false
	gpgsign = true
    ci = commit -s
    bn = checkout origin/master -b
    pr = push -u origin
    cm = checkout master
	tool = meld
	ff = false
	defaultToUpstream = true
	cookiefile = ~/.gitcookies
	ui = auto
	autoDetach = false
	rebase = true
	program = /usr/bin/gpg2
	pruneduringfetch = true
[smartgit "submodule"]
	fetchalways = false
	update = true
	initializenew = true

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