mock-server - a fast api mock server written by golang

In today app development, we need apis. but at the very begin of the development progress. we can not easily to written api very quick. 

so for speed cross team work. we need provided  apis to ios/android developers. 

so we need mock an api server for this purpose. 

Then i wrote this project. 

Mock server

This app will mock http api server, listen default on :7890, it accept any post/get


To quick run a mock server

docker run --restart=always -d --name ms -v $(pwd)/www:/www -p 7890:7890 netroby/mock-server 

make sure ./www exists, and mock-server will try to find exists file to handler api request.

such as ./www/api/version.json will handle as

The default MIME type for response, will be application/json

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