Gosense now support files upload to Amazon aws s3 and openstack swift objectstorage

Hello, everyone!

I would like to told you guys, i have add file upload to cloud object storage for josense. you now can upload images to amazon aws s3 or openstack swift objectstorage.

I developed OpenStack Swift ObjectStorage first. but i found there no much more providers here in the world. 

So i return to Amazon AWS world. Just need you have money and have an aws account. you can feel free to using Amazon AWS S3 to storage your images on the cloud.

The initialize issue was here https://github.com/netroby/josense/issues/7

And now the feature fully supported, and Now split openstack swift storage backend to https://github.com/netroby/josense/tree/storage/swift
And the master branch now support amazon s3 storage

Want to have a try ? 

You just need a Linux vps or cloud hosting like amazon aws ec2.

Install with Ubuntu 15.10 . and installed docker first. then you can git clone https://github.com/netroby/josense.git  and cd /pah/to/josense then run ./up.sh

the josense will running and listen on 8080 port, you can visit it via


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