CoreOS can not login, how to login into CoreOS

I am trying to install CoreOS on my hardware server, but i got problem to login into CoreOS, during the installation, i have no chance to set up the user password.

The installation will soon finished, but i can not login into system. 

What the hell? how can i login into system? i tried to type different password, but it not working.

Untill i found a tutorial :


If you just installed CoreOS, you do not set password, Now you have a chance to set it up again.

Once you see the boot screen , press keyboard, let grub menu hang up.

and type e, to enter edit mode.

you may see console=tty0 and etc,

Just put these code insert after it

coreos.autologin=tty1 coreos.autologin=ttyS0
And press F10 to boot system, now you have the chance to set up your password.

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