• [Linux/Unix] Persist dns nameserver for ubuntu 14.04 2014

    If you are using ubuntu 14.04, you may find you can not setting dns on your /etc/resolv.conf This is because ubuntu using resolvconf to manage the dns setting, every times system boot, resolvconf will regenerate resolv.conf file. But there always have wa

  • [Linux/Unix] CentOS 6 fixes dns slow by add options single-request-reopen to /etc/resolv.conf 2014

    CentOS 6 fixes dns slow by add optionssingle-request-reopen to /etc/resolv.conf. Slow DNS lookups can have many reasons. Mostly they are easy to fix because it simply is a wrong IP address of the DNS  f.ex. But today i had a harder one, but was easy

  • [服务器/VPS/云] 国内ipv6 dns 公共服务器 2020-08-16 20:43:30


    随着ipv6逐渐普及,那么ipv6 dns也迫切需要了,推荐国内下一代互联网中心提供的dns服务



  • [Linux/Unix] 优化ubuntu dns解析,关掉systemd-resolved 2020-12-26 16:52:08

    简介 ubuntu 的dns解析有时候有点慢,可能是系统自带的systemd-resolved的锅。 systemd本身是做启动管理的,但是它野心大,什么都想插一脚。这不,给你默认加了一个本地dns缓存。 默认监听127.0.0.1 53端口。 我们来配置系统,关掉它。用路由器分配的dns就性了,或者我们自己来配置 关掉systemd-resolved的步骤 sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved sudo systemctl stop systemd-